Truly Great Coffee

Historic Noir Coffee Group has a rich legacy of three men who grew up together in the Atlanta area. Our dream started in the mind of Ricardo Richardson. In 2009, Ricardo decided that he wanted to start a business where he didn't see alot of minority participation. Initially, Ricardo sourced our coffee beans and roasting through a friend from Senegal, West Africa.


Soon, he asked childhood friends, Deron Moreman and Christopher Brown to become partners in this new enterprise. After successfully building a businees infrastructure and brand we launched Historic Noir Coffee Group. Our initial focus was to provide businesses and government agencies with quality coffee products at an affordable price.


In 2015, we decided to re-launch our business with our Historic Noir Coffee branded items. And, we've successfully developed retail ready coffee blends that bear the names of the areas we grew up in. Respectfully, our blends are labeled Fourth Ward, West End and Decatur.

Introducing Historic Noir Coffee Blends 


"From bean to cup....we've got you covered" 


We select high quality beans to provide a premium product at an affordable cost. In developing our blends, we've achieved balance and consistency between differing components and characteristics. Because coffee varieties from around the world have their own signature flavor components, we can combine various beans to craft a desired flavor profile. 


Each of our blends has its own unique character, which we've designed with great care and purpose. We've developed a selection of great blends and created an achievable plan. A plan that will enable Historic Noir Coffee Group to make a tremendous imprint in a U. S. industry where minority ownership and participation is under-represented.

Why Ethical
Coffee Matters 


Our Vision. To develop strong relationships with our suppliers of coffee bean products. Partnering with the top importers and roasters based in the U.S., we can provide the highest quality coffee products. Our partners are "Fair Trade" coffee importers that respect humanity and the environment. 


Our Mission. Respect the coffee grower community, the environment and the customer. Conducting our business with honest practices and in an ethical manner is paramount. 


We are not just distributing our coffee products, but providing a service to the global community of farmers, suppliers, retailers, roasters and ultimately the end consumers. 

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